Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?


Meet Shannon

The Professional Organizer who can help you when you feel overwhelmed! 

Customized services for each individual household, space, and budget. Whether you need to declutter or are moving into a new home. We have customized services for each individual household, space, and budget. Functionality and use of space will be implemented into each project.

The best approach to organizing is making the space accessible, functional, and beautiful.  That can best be accomplished by minimizing. We will then organize so you can maintain each space. The most crucial step is purging unnecessary, unused, worn-out, and broken items. Once this step is done, the organizing can begin. Making the area esthetically pleasing with fewer items is much easier. Less stuff means easier accessibility and better organizing options with better functionality. After this is done the maintenance becomes effortless. My end goal is to bring you mental and physical peace.

Together we can  decrease chaos and clutter!!!!




  • If you feel overwhelmed due to disorganization.
  • If packing and moving is too big of a task or you to do alone.
  • If you need more space and order of the items in your home and do not know how to achieve it.
  • If you are too busy or have a lack of motivation and find yourself procrastinating.
  • If there is never enough time to keep your house neat and orderly no matter what you do.
  • If disorganization and clutter is causing stress or anxiety in your daily life,


During the process, we do decluttering, editing, and putting systems in place where the budget allows. We take into consideration your specific style and needs to make all systems practical and sustainable. This is important so you can maintain it yourself throughout the year. Our goals are to maximize space and find solutions to problem areas, such as a tabletop that catches clutter, or messy shoes in the closet. No matter how big or small your project is, working together, we will establish a system that will work best for you. You’ll be enjoying a more stress free life by decreasing  chaos and clutter. We can utilize the containers you already have in your home, or if your budget allows, consider adding new systems  as an investment. This is something you will enjoy and appreciate for years to come. Some clients like to do quarterly, annual, or semi-annual touch-ups to help them throughout the year. It is not necessary for the client to be on site for all projects. Many things can be tackled while away from home.


It all begins with the consultation visit. This is where  measurements and photos are taken, and  your desired results are discussed, along with your budget and style.  Containers and systems will also be discussed as an option during the consultation visit. Everything is confidential and judgment free. There is no need to be embarrassed or feel shame. She’s here to help. It is her goal to help when you are overwhelmed. All fees will be explained during the consultation, which includes research, shopping, planning, and labels.  Donations items are taken outside of the scheduled session hours.

Kick the Chaos!

Get Yourself Organized!

Hire a professional organizer to help when you feel overwhelmed. 

Pantry 8

Kitchens & Pantries

We can organize every cabinet, drawer, pantry, and under sink area.

Closet 10

Bedrooms & Closets

You can choose to tidy up your closet or the entire bedroom. You can try a new look with putting new systems and containers in place.

Basement After 1

Garages & Basements

We’ll sort through all of those unused items, pack up what you want to keep, haul away what you don’t want and leave you only with what you need.

Playroom 2

Playrooms & Bedrooms

Life can be hectic with Lets get things in order and set systems up to help things go smoothly. Schedule a once a month tidy up mini session!


Estate & Garage Sales

Whether you’re downsizing before a move, combining households, relocating, lost a loved one, or simply just decluttering, let us handle the mess.

Decorate 1

Personal Assisting & Decorating/Design

If you just need someone to pick up the dry cleaning or to meal prep for the week, let us know and we’ve got you covered

Having a professional organizer help organize your home will calm the chaos and also allow you to have an organized life.

Hire a professional organizer to help  when you feel overwhelmed.

Schedule full service move management packages or unpacking services and pay at closing.

 Book multiple day sessions to transform your space in less time, or schedule consistent organization sessions over a few months or even years to downsize over a period of time. Room by room, closet by closet, space by space.

Pantry 8

Shannon unpacked and organized our kitchen, and it was SUCH a huge help! We all know the stress of moving; it took such a big weight off our shoulders having our kitchen ready to go while we were working on the rest of the house. We didn’t even have to tell her where to put stuff; she just organized it better than we even would have in the first place! I really can’t tell you how great her services are, especially when consolidating two people’s lives into one space.z

Rhiannon H.

This is a business built on referrals and repeat customers. We strive to help you with all of your home projects year after year.

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Rhiannon Harp
Rhiannon Harp
Shannon unpacked and organized our kitchen, and it was SUCH a huge help! We all know the stress of moving; it took such a big weight off our shoulders having our kitchen ready to go while we were working on the rest of the house. We didn’t even have to tell her where to put stuff; she just organized it better than we even would have in the first place! I really can’t tell you how great her services are, especially when consolidating two people’s lives into one space.
Elaine Wright
Elaine Wright
I cannot begin to express how absolutely amazing Shannon is. I needed someone to help me get organized and go through things to clean out a house and get it ready for sale. Shannon was just the person for the job. Even if something was not what I needed, If someone could use the items, Shannon knew all of the right places to take everything so nothing would go to waste. She is unbelievable! She is a very hard worker and doesn’t stop! You will not regret hiring her for your project, no matter the size! If you’re looking for an organizer that does a fantastic job, Shannon is your girl!
Custom Shade Tinting & Graphics
Custom Shade Tinting & Graphics
Shannon did a awesome job on helping us get the shop organized.
Bill Van Kirk
Bill Van Kirk
We remodeled our office and added cabinets to our kitchen and storage room. Shannon understood her assignment and took on a job no one else in the office had time for (or wanted to do) and nailed it. She had great ideas and the bins/trays needed to maximize the space in each drawer and cabinets. She cleaned all the shelves and drawers as she went along. We still had boxes of stuff from our move to Springfield 2 yrs ago and she found a home for everything and where we can now easily find things. We are all relieved and are very much enjoying the organization. I could not recommend Shannon more. Very professional and made quick work of it all! Don't put it off another day.
Natalie Miller
Natalie Miller
What can I say, Shannon is the real deal. 110% committed to her clients & their needs & wants. She goes above and beyond. She is dedicated. She is caring. She is hard working. She is talented! Need motivation? She’s your gal. Her energy is contagious & much appreciated! Truth be told, unpacking and organizing into our new home after we moved from our previous home of 13 years was the last thing I had the time or energy for being a busy mom of 3 & running a business. Having Shannon’s accountability made me show up even when I didn’t feel like it. She was always patiently there on time (early actually) when I’d show up & still be on the phone wrapping up that last call & (more than I’d like to admit) a few minutes late. After each and every session I was so happy I showed up and worked through all that I did with her. You have to start somewhere & Shannon is exactly who you need by your side when you’re ready (or not 😉) to do that.
Gail Spells
Gail Spells
I reached out to Shannon to help me with a smooth flow in my kitchen. She has organized my kitchen and work space to where I know where each and every ingredient is. Now to use up all of the duplicates she found. Thank you Shannon. You have brought me peace of mind.
Jim Haygood
Jim Haygood
Shannon was dove right in and organised my garage/shop. Very helpful and professional. I highly recommend her for any organization project!
Shalane Wymer
Shalane Wymer
I’m so glad I hired Shannon to organize my bathroom cabinets. She was on time, had all of the containers that I needed, and was done in a couple of hours. She did a great job and I highly recommend her services!
tonia welcome
tonia welcome
Shannon is amazing! She knew exactly what to do to my overly stuffed and chaotic closet! She was efficient, professional, and now my closet is perfectly organized!
Tannie Mitchell
Tannie Mitchell
This service was excellent approaching my specific needs quickly & very affordable. I felt comfortable asking questions & leaving everything in this company’s hands so I could get my own personal errands ran.