Questions You May Have


What are some things you can get rid of to clear the clutter?

Chipped or broken items like dishes, containers missing lids  Clothes that are too big or too small, or with holes or stains, framed photos can be removed from frames, knickknacks collecting dust, junk drawer items.

Where do I take donated items?

Most items are taken to a local thrift store, which is a 100% non-profit and proceeds are used to run a locally owned children’s home. Medical  supplies and equipment can be taken to the appropriate drop-off location. One truckload per session is included in the service visit.  These items will be taken to the donation site after the session has ended. If there is a greater amount than that, a junk removal service may be required. There is no removal of trash or broken items provided.

Will I need to be there while you organize?

Not in all cases, but sometimes it’s necessary for decision-making and editing purposes.

Do I buy the containers?

You may purchase some that are item specific. Other research and shopping time will be added to the booked sessions with product reimbursement costs. There is no up charge on the containers, only for the time spent shopping and researching projects.

How does the process work?

It starts with planning, sorting, and editing, and then we begin organizing.